when the property pays you:

  1. Buy, Rehab sell for profit
  2. Buy, Rehab keep for cash flow
  3. Buy, Rehab keep for cash flow, Refinance cash out Buy more (REPEAT)

Although we cannot guarantee any return rate, our entry level investment will be bought 10-50% below market value, we will rehab and re position the building and max occupancy within a short period of time, it will have a minimum target of 10% annual return plus the accelerated equity appreciation, and the year over year appreciation. All together our investments generally are projected to make cash on cash returns between 15%-50%+ with minimum terms of 3 years. We have stabilized properties that are the lowest return but safe and turnkey just park you investment capital and start collecting checks. Or try a larger risk with a large value add re position opportunity and watch your returns soar, you just usually have to wait 6-24 months to see the max cash flow and appreciation. We are vested in every deal and we don’t make money unless you make money so we strive to make it a turnkey experience from beginning to end with a mutual beneficial goal and win, win philosophy for all.