Projects are prioritized based on accelerated equity factors “Acquisition Equity” and strong well leveraged equity growth potential.

Our local scouting team identifies potential acquisition targets by scouring the market for properties that meet basic fundamental objectives.

A preliminary analysis is conducted of valuation, price, tax history, environmental implications, market data and other relevant assessment criteria.

Specific underwriting guidelines are also established to determine a property’s projected financial performance, a timeline associated with achieving stability and formulating exit strategies based on submarket trends and debt market forecasts. This data is entered into our comprehensive financial model. The investment analysis is refined as due diligence provides more market intelligence to help us negotiate preliminary terms.

Buy below market value

(Example: Purchase $50,000 Appraisal $100,000 Equity $50,000 at time of purchase 50 cents on the dollar)

Value Added Rehab/”sweat equity”/

(Example: Purchase for $50,000 Rehab for $50,000 ARV $200,000 $100,000 of accelerated equity from rehab)

Emerging markets fuel year over year appreciation and grows equity

(Example: Memphis was suppose to grow at a rate of 2-3% last year but last year grew 6.8%)

When all three of these Accelerated Equity Factors are present we invest to supercharge your passive cash flow path to generational wealth!