Why Us

We bring to bear 35 years of experience in real estate from acquisitions, financing, development, partnerships, short sales, distressed properties and disposition.

We focus our knowledge, networks, and professional teams to grow generational passive cash flow together.

We mitigate risk and maximize your investment potential.

Strong personal relationships with every client make them part of our investment family.

The merits of an investment opportunity are dependent on a projected hold period and exit strategy.

Our asset management team intimately directs all aspects of the company’s operations and provides a coherent vision for balancing varied operational contingencies within the overall investment objective. From acquisition to disposition, we proactively manage each property, monitoring market conditions, capital requirements, operational issues, and debt financing to identify and achieve savings, higher efficiencies and enhance property value and investment return metrics.

We employ vital “best available” systems and tools with transparency and full compliance at all times. We have extremely successful proven track records (Check us out at LinkedIn).

Abundant investor referrals are a strong testimony to our methods. We are a safe reliable investment vehicle for our passive investors, demonstrated by comprehensive solutions with key metrics to achieve their financial goals.

We are welcomed by strong community support because we provide quality housing for our tenants as we redevelop and revive neighborhoods and create a safe place for families to thrive.

We maintain close interaction with property management and leasing teams to identify and pursue the projects that will attract and retain tenants and lower operating costs. We maximize your returns with carefully selected capital improvement projects. Most of these are incorporated with the original underwriting, providing significantly upgraded properties to market. well planned exit strategies ultimately ensure a broader appeal to new buyers or allow for beneficial re-financing terms.

When abundant opportunities requiring quick due diligence, prompt action, financial integrity, we are there. Join us.